Hot Streaks and Blackjack Betting Systems

Hot streaks do happen in blackjack. We win 2 or 3 games straight, sometimes even four. The question is, how do we exploit these occurrences? If we find a way of fully taking advantage of streaks when they appear, we can make big profits in blackjack.

Good cards in blackjack make up about 30 percent of the total. There are 4 aces and no less than 16 tens, face cards included. The potential of splitting cards is numerous and enormous. Hence, there is always a chance for hot streaks to happen. However, if we don't know how to exploit streak occurrences and just bet flat on them, we miss a lot of wining potentials. Flat bets are mostly good for breakeven wins. Blackjack betting systems can give us a wholly different and awesome win scenario.

Say, at a table where the lowest possible bet is $2, we win and get $4. When we bet again without any system in mind, we may choose to bet $2 again or $3. With, say, a Paroli system, we bet $8. If we win straight 3 games, we end up with $16 using Paroli, while with flat bets we end up with only $6. The Paroli blackjack betting system gets us $10 more. As we continue to play, the Paroli system would have us set a bet limit so that on reaching the limit we break the ascent of the bets and start again with the minimum $2.

Flat bets are often unsystematic and have the tendency to make abrupt, spur-of-the-moment wild judgments. With a profit of $16 after 3 straight won games, the flat bet player may feel so lucky that a sudden increase of bet might be decided. The player might bet $20 or $25—and may win. Then the player bets all $50 and suddenly loses. At that point, without a system to hang on to, the player decides to quit and mull over the big loss.

With a system like Paroli, for instance, we place careful bets systematically increased and then secure profits by sticking to our bet limits.

We don't do any spur-of-the-moment decisions no matter how lucky we feel—we just stick to the system. And when we do lose a big amount (after losing 3 straight games, for instance), we hang on because we know through blackjack betting systems that a hot streak somewhere down the line is bound to set off and give us an explosive win.